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Herno was founded in 1948 in Lesa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, by Giuseppe Marenzi & his wife Alessandra Diana. It was just after the war and Giuseppe sought a new job with a company that manufactured raincoats. It did not take long for him to move from that job to establishing his own business. The climate around Lake Maggiore is extremely humid and rainy, so well made raincoats are in demand. Herno was thus founded on the basis of opportunity, intuition and inventiveness. Its story starts with water; water from Lake Maggiore and the river Erno, which runs close to the company and gives it its name. It is a company that is still firmly connected to its roots.


Giuseppe Marenzi's story is followed by that of his son, Claudio ( above ) who is the current President and Managing Director of Herno. He joined the company in his early twenties, starting in production, moving on to the sales and marketing department and then to strategy. He was the one who led the changes that the business underwent in the years following 2000: the business needed new direction and, taking inspiration from the past, the Herno brand once again became the company's strategic focus. The product is at the heart of the brand. Herno's outerwear garments, made for modern consumers, are symbols of exquisite workmanship and excellent taste. The Herno flagship store in Milan Italy  ( below )