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"the awareness of 'being' proposes an elegance far from uniformity."

Fabiana Filippi


The history of Fabiana Filippi is strongly rooted in the passion and pragmatism of its Founders Giacomo and Mario ( above ) The two brothers are inquisitive, enterprising, confident and bold: they operate in virtue of their own strengths, investing time, energy and money in genuine trials and experiments.

This story of Italian entrepreneurship began in 1985 in the heart of Umbria, conventionally embodying the authentically “Made in Italy”. Craftsmanship is an absolute asset in Fabiana Filippi’s ideology. The Italian manufacture stands out decisively with a perfect balance of product quality and style. The fibre is worked in such a refined and precise way that it maintains its delicate nature and enhances preciousness. Springing from the passion for tradition and what is handmade, the working techniques express harmonious lines and exact proportions. This creative purity is revealed by a recognizable and timeless design. The Fabiana Filippi Flagship store in Italy ( above )